MySpace Facebook War

April 4, 2008


April 6, 2008




Death of MySpace

Major battles

Battle of Facebook





Corporate Executives who aren't cool like Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

The MySpace Facebook War (also known as the First Social Media War) was a brief war that took place in 2008 between social media giants MySpace and Facebook. After only a single battle, Facebook proved to be the unstoppable winner and MySpace was defeated and thoroughly murdered.

Causes of the War

When it comes down to the ultimate cause of the war, Everybody can agree that it was about money. MySpace wanted money, and Facebook wanted money. They both wanted money, and they kept taking each other's money. One could also argue that another notable cause was that neither company wanted a bunch of 12 year olds on their website, and fought over who had to take them. Some even suspect that Google played a hand in the war, but those idiots like to blame everything on Google.

MySpace Facebook War

Battle of Facebook

The first, last, and only battle of the MySpace Facebook War was the Battle of Facebook. It started early one morning on April 5, 2008. Mark Zuckerberg noticed that the pageviews of MySpace and Facebook had become equal. Both pages had exactly ten billion, four zillion, two million, and seven views. Zuckerberg clicked the "refresh" button on his browser, and by doing so officially made Facebook the most popular social media website in the UnWorld. The news broke, and MySpace was utterly destroyed.


After the war ended, Facebook emerged as the lone social media site for some time. It remained this way until Twitter became popular, which resulted in a second social media war, the Twitter Facebook War.

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