Cquote1 You know who else likes writing quotes on these pages? MY MOM! Cquote2
Muscle Man

Muscle Man is just this idiot that popped out of nowhere. He hangs out with this freak called High-five Ghost but nobody cares. He works for Benson with Mordecai and Rigby. He just pisses everyone off by saying MY MOM! in what he's good at but not caring about your mum or their mothers.

Early Life

He lived as a single cell like Plankton but grew two eyes, a huge fat body and weird hair. He has no education, hence why he speaks so weirdly and squeals like a pig.


He is no different to Wario, only he doesn't really fart that much, but he once farted on Mordecai and then Mordecai did a bird crap on his head.

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