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The King's MUNF MUNF

The King's creation

The boxart of this DINNER. Does not include milk.

Munf Munf is a type of DINNER that the King recently made. It's made for boi's DINNER. It has sales that has surpassed the sales of Morshu's own Rope and Squadala Man's Squadala Bombs. The King was bored of eating the same DINNER everyday that Impa made so he got creative and called Mama Luigi over to help him make a new type of DINNER. As the King was reloading his Dinner Blaster, he accidentally shot it at Mama Luigi and he started to bleed. His blood squirted all over the King's milk and thus the Munf Munf was born. The King ate it and it tasted great! Link stole it and loved it even more. Mama Luigi (who was still bleeding) suggested that Munf Munf should be only for Mah Bois! The King loved the idea and the Munf Munf was instantly a big hit in East Hyrule. The person who didn't like Munf Munf was Weegee because he was allergic to Mama Luigi's DNA (which is in blood which is in Munf Munf) so he now had a grudge on the King.


The Munf Munf is now an instant hit surpassing bombs, Squadala Bombs, and Rebecca Black due to its great taste and nutrition. The King uses Munf Munf to bribe little kids to come into Hyrule Castle and then forces them to play with Zelda and Link so the King doesn't have to deal with them. As soon as the word got out, the Munf Munf decreased greatly in sales and Nobody likes the King anymore. Also, on Novemeber 4, 1996, many people started reporting side effects from eating Munf Munf including being lactose in-tolerent, exploding heads, and broken spines. The King recently posted a new video on YouTube that the Munf Munf was safe to eat but once he swallowed it, his head exploded and the King died and the Munf Munf was discontinued in stores but the King was revived with Squadala Man's Squadala Powers .

What Now?

It is rumored that the King has started to make a new type of DINNER, a cereal called Ships Flakes . Only the King has eaten it. He claims he loves it but is to scared to release it in stores because he doesn't want to risk people's heads from exploding again.

Louie.png Louie's Notes

Wow! I'm surprised that this actually tastes really good! It rivals the likes of Cheerios, Froot Loops, and even Reese's Puffs!