Mumu last photo redone

Only surviving photo of Mumu

Mumu was the sixth Teletubby (in between Doddy and Eho), but has not appeared in any episodes following heavy censorship by the BBC. He had black fur and a arrow antenna.

In the unaired episode "Long Live Po", Mumu learned that the Teletubbies were evil and attempted to escape Teletubby Land when the Voice Trumpets issued the command of "Tubby bye bye". However, he was captured by Tinky Winky and was executed at gunpoint by Dipsy.

The BBC maintains that he never existed, and anyone who says that he existed is scum.

In January 2006, Chuckles the Cheat cheated into the BBC vault so he could steal the corpse. 10 years later, he stuffed it and gave it to Captain 0 so that he could photograph Captain 0 with the Teletubby body and make Captain 0 look evil. Despite cheating so he could WIN, he FAILed (because Captain 0 is immune to cheats). Captain 0, knowing that Mumu betrayed the Teletubbies, reincarnated him into Mumu II. Mumu II lives in Captain 0 Land

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