The devil on the right.

Cquote1 I'll Dig you up and see if you're Happy? Cquote2
Mudvayne rescuing Nobody

Mudvayne are a band that kicks Creed's ass all the time. They were high ranking in the War of the Metal Bands teaming up with Dethklok and eating everyone and shooting bands with guitars. Po likes listening to them because there is a devil in the band.

Bands Killed


  • They were accused of the devil having someone acting Chuck Norris in one of their music videos.
  • They were math metal until the devil turned into a man.
  • Mudvayne's makeup look like a separated colour scheme of Darth Mall.


  • They died when an unexpected teamup as Opeth and Static-X killed them both. Static-X's garbled industrial music killed them and Opieth just smashed the devil with an acoustic guitar.

Actually, I was sarcastic. They absolutely suck and are on the same league as Slipknot and bands such as Static X and Korn are far, far superior.'

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