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Ms. Pac-Man
is a shame based off of the shame Pac-Man. They are exactly the same shame, except for one difference. In this shame, the main character wears a bow. Other than that, the shames are exactly the same.

It was made by Namco after they ran out of ideas for shames. They decided to rip off their customers, and so made this. It was very successful at first, reaching ten sales, a new record. But then, people realized what it was, and they refused to buy any more copies. The truth is that this shame is a knock-off of a shame that is a knock-off of the original Pac-Man shame. Apparently, Namco thought that this was a good idea.

The people of Namco were so mad, they decided to trick their customers even further, and made Ms. Pac-Man 2 and Pac-Man Jr.


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