Mrs Puff's boating school is a place where people learn to drive, founded by a fat puffer fish called Mrs. Puff. Weegee went there one time only to learn to stare at people more, so he was terrible at it. SpongeBob SquarePants also is in this school andalways passes always fails. SpongeBob always ends up crashing cars. Lots of people are in this school learning how to can be dangerous sometimes aswell,

People who are in this place

  1. SpongeBob SquarePants (the only known guy at the school)
  2. Patrick Star (He followed SpongeBob into the School, Mrs puff claimed him a new student)
  3. Flatts the Flounder (only there to kick butts)
  4. Tinky Winky (he killed everyone)
  5. Weegee (There to stare at people)
  6. Rodger (The class' pet chick)
  7. Lots of unknown fish
  8. Mario (Ate Spaghetti while driving, the car fell off a cliff)
  9. TattleTale Strangler (He Strangled everybody, including mrs puff)
  10. Kikuri (only there to cause mass genocide)
  11. Volcano Sauce Drop (same as Kikuri)


As mentioned above, this school was founded by somehow known Teacher Mrs Puff. She created it using pieces of wood, plastic, a piece of paper, a nail and a hammer.

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