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The game cover.

Mrs. Nesbitt's Crazy Party is a awful professionally made shame by Nintendo on July Something, 2013.. It is a platformer/monkey shame about the late not that great Mrs. Nesbitt. This game was rated FTTFTT (Far Too Terrifying For Timmy Turner) by the ESRB.


So one day Buzz Liteweight went out of the house and a flying bagel hit him on the head. Now, you have the power to be Mrs. Nesbitt. It turns out Evil Guy was at it again on stealing the National Cheese Supply! You have to BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIM.

Game Mechanics

You have an inventory with items and you jump on enemies. You also have weapons. Enough said.

Bosses HP Location
1. Homsar Negative 2. Level 1-1
2. Woody 60 Level 2-4
3. Chuk Norris OVER 9,000!!! Level Infinity
4. Tonky Wonky 155

Level 4-8

5. Lemongrab 260 Level 5-5
6. Moar Krabs 320 Level 6-2
7. Maleuigowsebob 890 Level 7-9
8. PATRIXX 1605 Level 8-7
9. Fatman 2985 Level 9-4
10. Hobgoblin 3690 level 10-5
11. Ugly Thing 4510 Level 11-5
12. Evil Guy OVER 9000 ERMEHGOSH!!!11! Level 12-10


Ya know what, screw it, this game is so bad I won't give any information. ByeeeeeeeeEEEEeeee!!!!!11!!1

(insert bad grammar)


The shame had poor reivew, some say the box art sucked. Even Mrs. Nesbitt hates the shame

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