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The one biggest threat to Hank Hill outside of Giant Isopods

" These rebels in Arlen think they can fight us but their wrong. All rebels will lay down their weapons immediately or face the consequences. "
  —Mrs. Dictator

Mrs. Dictator is the most evil Pumkin in all of Pumkin World. She enslaved all of the citizens of Pumkin World and has begun to militarize them so they can fight Hank Hill and retake Arlen.

Her with the Pumkin Army


Mrs. Dictator (real name unknown) was born in Pumkin World. She grew up with a family that despised humans more than most Pumkins. Her parents were among the last Pazis, Pumkin Nazis who believed all humans must die! She grew up watching Adolf Hitler propoganda. This inspired her to conquer the world, and kill thousands of humans. According to her permanent record, she received a suspension from school for preaching Pazi propaganda in the classroom as a child. The schools were trying to defeat Pazis who still believed in death to humans, a radical belief that was abandoned by the government years ago. Unfortunately, it was a cause they were losing. After graduating college, she became a teacher, and started telling children about Pazis, and began brain washing them. She told the, about the horrors the human race caused them ,and how they brutally murdered several soldiers on the border, including her great grandfather. After getting her students and friends to believe in the Pazi cause, Mrs. Dictator recruited several people into her secret society of Pazis. Together, they kidnapped Pumkins and brainwashed them. Then, they would sneak out of the borders of Pumkin World and murder humans. The humans were outraged, and called on the Pumkin government to do something. Current president of Pumkin World, Pete Weinstein ordered for Mrs. Dictator's arrest. But there was no stopping her and her fellow Pazis. They over threw the government, currently, Mrs. Dictator is running it.


She is currently a dictator who has militarized thousands of Pumkins. She is known for her brutal, no nonsense attitude that shows no restraint when punishing a citizen. After failing at conquering Arlen in The Great Pumkin War, it is believed that she is planning an even bigger attack on a scale never before seen.


She was killed when she was heading into battle and went to her closet to get her AK-47, but when she opened the closet, Luna jumped out of the closet and stabbed her. Luna then gutted her and placed a torch inside of her and used her as a jack-0-lantern. This was not a suprise since Luna had been doing this to other Pumkins. However, NEDMgee revived her and all the other Pumkins, since he likes being evil.