Cquote1.png I pity the fool! Cquote2.png
Mr. T
Mr. T

Mr. T pities the n00bs invading this wiki

Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Species: Human
Home: ???, ???
Death: Immortal
AKA: Mr. T
Likes: Killing bad guys.
Dislikes: UPOIO, SGAIO, heresy, GYTTTO planes
Education: NA
Occupation: God
Known For: Pitying the fool
UnRank: Infinity x Infinity x Phi

Mr.T is an awesome kick-### god, killing almost Everybody in his way. He is mostly immune to Weegee's stare, and is the one and only reason why The Stupid One is dead. He will kill you if you're not careful.


Mr. T was born at the same time as Chuck Norris inside the infant UnUniverse. They soon began fighting, which caused Inflation. After that, the UnUniverse we know and love was formed.

After the Big Bang

When he and Chuck Norris caused Inflation, Mr. T disappeared into the 2nd Dimension, where he existed for millennia as a two-dimensional hero. In this timeframe, he interacted with a cylinder in 3-space, creating Maxwell, his biological son. He appeared in movies, comics, ads, and even celebrity crossovers before coming back to the UnUniverse sometime between 1984 and 2017. Upon his return, he was instantly recognized as an Undefeatable.


He has the power to throw people helluva far. He can also turn into liquid, disguise himself as any other person, shoot missiles from his shins, hips, chest, shoulders, and forearms, raise people from the dead, create nuclear warheads, disobey the laws of gravity, shoot lasers from his eyes, breathe fire, see in infrared, clone himself, transform into a tank, jet, submarine, zeppelin, mastodon, dragon, or shark (which technically makes him a Transformer), use magic, and trap people in blocks of ice.


A-team theme song 10 hours

His VERY OWN theme song.

The only thing that can kill him is any attack by any Undefeatable. However, he can respawn.

Mr. T is also an elemental. He can use every element known to man.

He has a super form. While using it, only the Upper Counsel of Undefeatables can kill him, and he respawns faster.

He also gained EVEN MORE powers after teaming with another hero named Limecat.

He has adopted James the Red Engine as his son and taxi to the battlefield.

List of people he killed

  1. Bonzi Buddy
  2. Snowball
  3. Lotsa Wa-Guys (including WaBowarigi)
  4. The Teletubbies, many times, this is why they hate him.

List of fools he pitied


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