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One of the four times Mr. Rogers ever did something rude.

Mr. Fred Rogers is our neighbor. He is also your neighbor, and he's also Hitler's neighbor (because Hitler is special in his own way). Mr. Rogers was best friends with Chuck Norris, and was the only man in the entire UnWorld who could talk any sense into Congress. But Everybody in Congress is special too (just like Hitler).

Mr. Rogers started out as an ordinary man in an ordinary neighborhood. But Mr. Rogers wasn't an ordinary man. When he was a mere three days old, Jesus Christ came down from Heaven and whispered into Fred's ear. Three-day-old Fred nodded to show he understood, and Jesus blessed him for life.

Many years later, Mr. Rogers decided to watch some good ole fashion UnAmerican telly. He turned it on, and you know what he saw? Bombs, pies, and bombs in pies. He was disgusted, so you know what he did about it? He complained about it on the internet! No, he went and did something about it (a feat few humans are capable of). He started his own show, and quickly became the most famous man named Mr. Rogers.

During the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, Mr. Rogers saw so much fighting and completely lost it. He ran around and injured or killed all of the combatants. He celebrated his victory for about five seconds, then he realized that he was a murderer. He then killed himself from grief.

He is now believed to be residing in Heaven. Some suspect that he is in Celebrity Heaven, but others say he decided to go into regular Heaven because that's where his neighbors were. To this day, it is unknown what Heaven Mr. Rogers went to. For now, though, he is in both at once, and will remain so until he is located.