IMF purple
Mr. Purple is a Pumkin no one likes because he is just a lame N00b and terrorist. Everyone hates him for stealing Mr. Pink's style.

Early Life

Mr. Purple grew up with Mr. Pink in Pumkin World. He grew up being trolled a lot in the Shame called Pumkin Bomber because he was a stupid n00b. As a child, this gave him low self esteem. He was on the brink of insanity. He decided to on YouTube to watch funny videos, when he saw a video called, "Super Awesome Pumkin Bomber Strategy That Will Help You Win!" He clicked on the video, and got Rick Roll'd. He went completely insane, grew a beard, and went into hiding.


Today he's an alcoholic who has an addiction to Shames, even though he sucks at them. He still can't stand Pumkin Bomber because he's still a n00b.

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