Mr. L
Mr. L2

Crap just got real.

Gender: Male (we think)
Hair color: Same as Mario
Eye color: Same as Mario
Species: Whatever Mario is
Home: Mr. L's base, East Hyrule
Death: Respawns
AKA: The Green Thunder
Likes: Being better than Mario
Dislikes: Being Luigi
Education: Less than Mario's (we think)
Occupation: Killing Mario and Ronald McDonald
UnRank: 9,094

Mr. L was created when Count Bleck brainwashed Luigi in the shame Super Paper Ronald. He was part of Bleck's team until Dimentio banished Mr. L to Hell because of Ronald McDonald's actions, turning him back into Luigi. Later, Luigi was turned back into Mr. L so that Dimentio could become Super Dimentio. Of course, Ronald and his team pwned Super Dimentio and Mr. L was turned back into Luigi...again. Things were normal for a while until Redneck Joe turned Luigi back into Mr. L using Idiot Manipulation. Mr. L was Redneck Joe's evil minion for a while until Mr. L fell into the Wa-Machine, thus creating his evil clone WaMr. L! (dun dun dun) The radiation also turned Mr. L back into Luigi yet again, and he hasn't become Mr. L again since...OR HAS HE? (dun dun dun) Sending his brainwashed Luigi at war with Quetzalcoatl/Lucoa with her possessed Googolplex. This was until Silhouette showed up and told them to freaking stop the war, later getting the latter involved.


  • His other "clone", WaWaMr. L, happens to be the brother of the infamous President Snow.
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