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The official Mr. Key Inc motto
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Bird like aliens are just the least of you're worries.

Mr. Key Inc is a giant office building located in a random savannah in The 10ish Dimension, obviously ran by Mr. Key, it manufactures 10ish Jump courses, hearts and Overkey Shames, it is one of the most dangerous companies to work for, and it somehow got past inspection.

It is divided into three parts, The Lab, The Main Complex and The Office Outskirts.


The Lab

The Lab is where most things are made (but not all.) It is where all the workers (but Susan The Cat and Mr. Key himself) are based. It looks like a giant colourful room.

Cool Inventions

  • 10ish Jumps Training Box: Here, 10ish Jump courses are in a cage and must be completed before being shipped to The 10ish Dimension.
  • Eliminate a Worker, "Button": Actually a switch, it is pulled to activate a random bomb in the worker's desks to blow then up, this can happen at complete random.
  • Heart Machine 1.0: A machine where hearts are made. Not much more to say. The Main Complex does feature a, "better" variation.
  • Some Trap: A hallway of spikes a worker made that you fly through via a jetpack.

The Main Complex

This place takes up a majority of Mr. Key Inc. It is a standard factory area where Susan and Mr. Key's offices are located.

Cool Inventions

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The Main Complex.

  • Heart Machine 2.0: It was originally another normal heart machine, but now with a microchip that Heinz Doofenshmirtz made, which powers stuff up and is in the shape of Alt 2.0. However, it was flawed, and instead of making hearts out of thin air like the first one it manufactured pink blocks into hearts. Which is one step down.
  • Super Secret Cheese Ship: A hidden boat that Mr. Key uses to get resources from Overseas. (Or should I say, Overkeys... please laugh.) Rodent Slaves and Rodent try to steal pieces of it.

    The, "Super Secret Cheese Ship."

The Office Outskirts


True insanity.

The Office Outskirts are a strange part where madness is the only known thing, no things were made here, it is home to... things like Godzilla (and no, not that giant reptile guy from Japan.) And other strange things like a screen that talks about emitting Cheese, that sounds nonsensical, but it's true! And it was made in The Lab so it was not invented here.


  • Mr. Key
  • Susan

We technically already told you about them.


  • It manufactures more hearts than love does. (What?)
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