Cquote1 Ohi i mr key you nead to jumpa pas my test Cquote2
Mr. Key
Mr. Key is the god of H4Hing. He rules the 10ish jumps course and can jump like no other!
MrrKey (3)

Mr. Key has his own language called broken language, only he and his friends understand it.

His father is one of Jhmarioman's Sockpuppets, and his mother is Woman Hitler. His brothers are Mays Billy and Goatse, his wife is WaHillary Clinton, and his children are WaDonald Trump, WaBilly Mays, and Sirron Kcuhc.

He also has his own movie, the 10ish Jumps Movie. His pet cat is Susan.

The Teletubbies think his head is Po's Fruit Loop.

Unfortunately his skin color is caused by paint, if it touches water he will turn into a sad, sad peasent.

Mr. Keyvil

Mr. Keyvil is his alter ego, he has no control of when to transform and can kill anybody on the Powers of Weakness who disrespects him with it, this makes him weaker than even them.
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