Mr. Cold

He's hiding in the really old fridge! Wait... that's him.

Gender: Male
Hair color: None
Eye color: Black
Species: Robotic Fridge
Home: Antarctica
North Pole
Your Kitchen Freezer
Death: Died when he went into a place that was 33 °F (1 °C)
AKA: Mr. Cold
Dr. Cold
Likes: Creating an Ice Age
Dislikes: Not getting to the bathroom in time
Education: Degree in cryogenics and just plain crying.
Occupation: Scientist
Known For: Freezing Antarctica
UnRank: 952

Mr. Cold is just your average every-day super villain. He is a doctor of cold stuff, but Nobody seems to care about that. This is why he spends his days freezing all of the poor innocent people of Possum City. He is now rotting in some frozen jail cell.


Mr. Cold was born about 250 years ago. When he was first born, he was always really warm. They did not know it at the time, but they were supposed to be keeping him in the freezer, as he had some weird disease that made him too warm all the time. Mr. Cold decided he wasn't going to put up with it anymore, and ran away from home. He was only two.

When he was seventeen, he decided he wanted to be a hot-dog salesman, so he became one, and loved it. He sold hot dogs in a stand on the street for several hours every day, and he made $5 a month. His business was so successful, he tried to make it nationwide. Then he only made $4.99 a month, so he went back to selling on the street. This went on for three years until he decided he wanted to be a madman instead.

He hid and plotted in a frozen lake for a few years, and then decided to go to college. He went to college for 42 years studying ice, because he thought that would somehow benefit him (it didn't). He got a degree in cryogenics and freakyness. On the 200th anniversary of running away, he returned home.

He was distraught by what he found. His entire family had been killed by Stu Pickles while he was gone. He vowed revenge, and spent three years building a freeze ray to freeze him. His plan failed miserably, and he moved back to Possum City. He started randomly freezing people who irritated him. At this point, Fatman attempted to stop him. He solved this problem by zapping Antarctica with a freeze ray, and hiding out there for a few years.

He eventually returned to reek more havoc on Possum City. This is when Fatman 6: Seriously? takes place. Basically, he teamed up with Anti Fatman. Then, Fatman beat the crap out of them, and Mr. Cold was arrested.

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