This is him.

Mr. Clipboard is a clone of I.M. Meen who is extremly ugly and walks like he's drunk or something. His claim to fame is that he won't ever stop moving. He was created when I.M. Mean tried to create himself on some animating program. However, Meen is a n00b at animating, so he accidentally created Mr. Clipboard instead. Mr. Clipboard escaped from the computer by blowing it up using the Pencil of Doom. He then started a brand of grocery items called Brand X that had drugs injected into it, so anyone who bought it would become insane like himself. However, the only person who ever bought it was Mr. Pluto.

In order to get a life, Mr. Clipboard then made a movie called Foodfight. It was so bad, anyone who watched it immediatly died. God eventually had to intervene, which is why you've probably never heard of that movie. Mr. Clipboard then decided to get an education, so he went to preschool. On the first day of preschool, the teacher asked the class to draw something. So he drew the Teletubbies. His drawing accidentally came to life and destroyed the entire preschool. He was punished with OVER 9000 years in jail, but that never served those years because he drugged the entire staff at the prison. Mr. Clipboard now owns Shopper's Drug Mart, a pharmacy that has drugs injected into all of it's products.

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