The episode's freaking title card.

Mr. Bush Says 2+2=5 is the 4th episode in the Teletubbies (TV Series). It stars George W. Bush and Noo-Noo.


Noo-Noo wants to show everyone he's as evil as the Teletubbies, but he doesn't know how. George Bush dares him to suck up all the Teletubbies, and Noo-Noo thinks if he does this he will show everyone he's as evil as the Teletubbies. First he finds Tinky Winky, who is doing stupid things in his bedroom in Tubby Tower. Noo-Noo creeps up behind him, and sucks him up. Next he finds Dipsy, who is having an argument with some Teletubby Land Bunnies. Eventually, Dipsy loses his temper and throws all the bunnies in the Teletubby Land Acid Lake. Whilst he does this, Noo-Noo sucks him up. Then he spots Laa-Laa, who is getting on board the Teletubby Zeppelin. Noo-Noo stows away on board, and while Laa-Laa is busy bombing a town, Noo-Noo sucks her up. With nobody steering, the Zeppelin crashes, but Noo-Noo escapes in an escape pod. When Noo-Noo lands, Po ambushes him, armed with a rifle and a spear. But Po starts showing off, and Noo-Noo manages to suck her up. Noo-Noo goes back to Mr. Bush, and proudly tells him what he's done. But then, the Teletubbies fighting inside Noo-Noo causes him to explode! Luckily, Mr. Bush escaped just in time. After doing so, he went back to Washington D.C. to give a math lesson. He taught the children watching the show that 2+2=5.


  • This is the first episode with George W. Bush.
  • It had a different title card, starting with re-runs aired after episode 11 premiered.
    George teletubby

    The alternate title card.

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