Me brown
Mr. Brown is the only Mexican Pumkin. He can only say "NO!" He is a slow learner and hates other Pumkins because none of them are Mexicans.

Early Life

Mr. Brown migrated to Pumkin World after his parents tried to flee the Police to escape paying taxes. He grew up in a 20ft by 20ft box. As a child, he got made fun of because he couldn't understand English. The other children would pick on him and say "do you want a $100!" and he would say the only word he knew, "No!" He failed all of his classes but still managed to go to college. In college, he sold drugs and started a gang called "El Pumkin Seeds." He is still considered the leader, even though he doesn't take an active role I the gangs operations any more.


Mr. Brown is a badass Pumkin who moved to Bikini Bottom to grow the "El Pumkin Seeds" gang. He doesn't take crap from anybody because he kills everyone who a mouths him.

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