IMF blue
Mr. Blue is an Asian people Gangster Pumkin who wants to be called Mr. Yellow. He sells illegal drugs that are illegals. He enjoys eating rice, watching Sumo Wrestling, and killing people. Who was a suspect in the Chinese New Year Massacre in Chicago.


Mr. Blue grew up in the China Town section of Pumkin World. He found his life unfitting in Pumkin World, so he moved to Chicago to become a Chinese gangster. He was known as Mr. Blue np because he liked blue Popsicles. On Chinese New Year, 1996, Mr. Blue was transporting guns to the mafia hideout when he was pulled over by two police officers. H panicked, so he pulled out a gun and shot them. This came to be keen as the Chinese New Year Massacre. He knew the police in the United States of UnAmerica would be all over him, trying o catch him. He fled back to Pumkin World where UnAmerica did not have jurisdiction. He is now a TV actor on one of Mrs. Dictator's TV shows.

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