Cquote1 I need the next million dollar idea! Cquote2
Mr. Barnacle before discovering Barnacle Chips
Barnacle Chips

Mr. Barnacle today

Mr. Barnacle is a barnacle creature that is a billionaire who owns Barnacle Products Incorporated. He invented Barnacle Chips, Canned Bread, and other disgusting foods nobody eats.

Early Life

Mr. Barnacle was born on a barnacle farm in Bikini Bottom. At age 10, his family was killed by Not Voldemort, leaving him to tend to the farm. He would always bring lotsa barnacles to the farmers market. Then one day he said, "I need the next million dollar idea!" Then, out of no where, instructions on how to create Barnacle Chips fell right of the sky. He then created Barnacle Chips and sold them at farmers markets.

Becoming A Business Giant

First Shop

Mr. Barnacle started earning lotsa money from Barnacle Chips, so he opened a shop he won in a raffle to sell them. He started getting lotsa customers so he had to hire lotsa employees. He became one of the most successful people to live on Bikini Bottom at the time.

Second Shop

To meet the demands of his irate customers, he opened a second shop in Downtown Bikini Bottom. It was robbed many times by the SpongeBob Gang. It was also discovered that the store was not following proper health codes. For instance, a dismembered toe was found in a customers Kelp Shake. Mr. Barnacle burned it down (with all of the employees in it), collected the insurance money, and opened a new shop next to it.

Second Second Shop

He opened up his second second shop and had much success. There was never a health violation again. And to stop robberies, he armed all of his employees with shotguns.


To keep up with his obese customers, he bought a factory in the ghetto of Bikini Bottom. He moved his headquarters into the factory and created Canned Bread because he said that it sounded weird and stupid. After many years of mass producing his crappy food items, he became a billionaire.


Mr. Barnacle has been the figure of many controversies. He is said to be a notorious tax cheater, a hippie hater, a tree killer, and an outsourcer, however, it is unknown whether these are true. The FBI is currently conducting an investigation.

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