Motos (Also known as The Executioner from Hell) probably the scariest Mario enemy and Koopa Elite of Bowser Army, leading seven wars again Mario single and highhandedly. It likes groping grabbing people with their big meaty claws filled with spaghetti meatballs, of course. You know what really grinds their gears? The color red, because just like Godot they can't see it.


Motos was born four score and seven years ago in the 1940s in the land of the sacred also known as an IKEA, It really liked it there because its giant arms were great at moving stuff. It was so good at moving furniture that within a week of it's birth, it was declared grand officer of the company, whatever that means. Motos when it was five years old later moved after it found the secret warp zone while working on the drain. Upon exiting, it has found itself at a party. At your house. And you weren't invited. The house seems to have changed. It's bigger and all the rooms are different. Plus, you now have a large group of friends that you don't remember. What's up with that? Did I miss something here? at the Dongstortion World.
   After that fiasco it went on and got an education at Mars University, after the Squidward Community College rejected him. It would study ergonomics alongside Vegeta and Alex Weegee. Together they would make an excellent team and party every night at Pink Guy's house. He'd have his first big break after Freddy Fazbear hired him to work at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and was subsequently invited to be part of the Scary Robots Gang. It would be fired three days later for eating the Pizza on the floor for no reason. Domino's, seeing the opportunity replaced The Noid with Motos as their new mascot much to the dismay of parents worldwide.
   Later in life it would quit, and joined in the Bowser Army so he had a job that used grabbing. First week in, some time around the mid 90's he was supposed to face off against Mario in a hoops 3-on-3 battle, however plans fell through when he first noticed Shy Gal as well as some of the other female members of Bowser Army. He would've been fired for these severe infractions, but was pardoned by Wizenheimer.

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