Mother Teletubby
Mother Teletubby V2

Mother of all Teletubbies!

Gender: Female
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Pink
Species: Teletubby
Home: Teletubby Land
AKA: Telemommy
Likes: To be evil
Occupation: Being evil
UnRank: 564

Mother Teletubby is the mother of all teletubbies. She is also an evil mastermind who hopes someday that she can nuke the UnUniverse. She is also Evil at a level OVAR 9000!!! But she is also 0% good, except for the fact that she is against WaBonzi Buddy.


One day in the land of Teletubby land, Mother teletubby created a bunch of new evil beings called Teletubbies.Then, she created Zoombah and the Boohzone so Zoombah could live happily. Shortly after, WaBonzi Buddy came and stabbed Mother Teletubby with a sword. And said "That's what you get when you make something more evil than me!" Then Mother Teletubby was infected with WaViruses. She was immune, but WaBonzi was banned from teletubby Land forever as a precaution. WaBonzi was furious, so years later, he destroyed Teletubby Land using a team of evil Guys dressed in green inflatable Morph Suits.

See Teletubby Land § The Great Teletubby Land Massacre


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