Whats that you say? Oh you've got a big dog. What do you want? Some kind of award?
mortar dragon is a bringer of doom, but he is very friendly

mortar dragon
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Gender: male
Hair color: yellow
Eye color: yellow
Species: lizard
Home: hell ring 7
Death: none
AKA: doom bringer
Likes: pizza
Dislikes: people ignoring him
Education: 100 years of demon training
Occupation: doom bringer
Known For: taking king fire slime to hell
UnRank: very damn high


In 1900, somebody threw there pet lizard into a volcano, he appeared and shot a flaming mortar shell at him


He can shoot flaming mortar shells and spit lava.

Flaming mortar shell

he is named mortar dragon because he can shoot mortar shells,

Lava spit

he was encrusted with the lava and became a lava demon


  • He was the only guy who could send king fire slime to hell
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