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Cquote1 MMMM... Cquote2
Cquote1 Lamp oil! Rope! Bombs! You want it? It's yours my friend as long as you have enough Rupees! Cquote2

"As long you have enough of Rupees!"

Morshu is a weird shopkeeper from Koridai. Currently he is the Lord of East Hyrule and works for Squadala Empire. He is also a famous inventor. He still has monopoly rights to make Lamp Oil, Rope and Bombs, but some guys break the rules by creating sad products that try to rip his off.


Morshu was born in poor koridian family. His father was a shopkeeper, so Morshu always wanted to sell something. Morshu sold his parents' house to Dr. Robotnik, when he was 9 years old. His parents were so angry, so they sold him to Dr. Robotnik too.

Morshu and Dr. Robotnik became friends, so five years later Robotnik bought a shop in Koridai for Morshu and make him free. So Morshu became a shopkeeper.

Morshu became RICHER when he invented his three trademark items: Lamp Oil, Rope and Bombs. Morshu earned much money, trading them.

Later he spend his money to buy shop in Hyrule. He sold many Bombs during Hyrulian Civil War. After war, he joined Squadala Empire and became the Lord of East Hyrule.

thumb|300px|left|Morshu singing at a play in Germany.


  • Morshu's surname is the mystery.
  • He also became famous for his MMMM sound. He uses it to sing different songs.
  • He has an archenemy named Ushrom.
  • He owns a company called morshu studios that developed a shame called harlo: outta reach


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