Morph My Face

The cover of Morph My Face

Morph My Face is a Shame where the player plays as Rainbows, the former member of the Teletubbies. The goal is to morph the faces of characters so he can ultimately defeat the Teletubbies. This game was released in the year 2011, and got positive reception. It doesn't have a sequel, but that makes the sequel that doesn't exist a popular game.



You start in a room. You are locked in a jail cell as Rainbows. A guard comes up, and starts insulting you. So, you choose his face, and morph it. He is defeated, so you take his keys, and unlock the cell. You escape, slowly learning the art of Face Morphing using Uglykinesis.

Part 1

During Part one, you must use your face morphing to defeat all of the Teletubbies various minions. First, you have to defeat a bunch of bunnies, then apes, then gorillas (like apes, except uglier), then you have to fight evil soldiers. Eventually, you get to the boss, Tinky Winky. You must morph his face into a funny shape to win. Then he turns to dust.

Part 2

Part two is about the quest to kill Dipsy. You must kill one weak guard, and then the boss fight starts. You just push the same button until the game says "OOPS! YOU KILLED DIPSY!". This can take anywhere from five seconds to five years. After completed, Dipsy melts.

Part 3

This part was removed from the final game. Instead, it just shows a picture of Laa-Laa's face being morphed. Then exploding.

Part 4

Part four is where you must face the evil demon known as Po. First, you have to grab a shotgun, and then you must blow up all of his helpers. Then, you have to morph Po's face by shooting it with the shotgun.

Part 5

In part five, you must chase Thumper through the entire level. Once you get to the end of the level, you must turn his face to normal, as it is already morphed. Then, he splatters on the ground.

Final Level

This is the part where Po reveals his true plan. He revealed that the Teletubbies weren't killed! He used his Idiot Manipulation powers to make the Teletubbies come to him, and pretended they were killed. Po then absorbs the power of the Teletubbies, because possessing the power of all the Teletubbies is infinite power. Po tries to use god-like power against Rainbows, but discovers that Rainbows was a member of the Teletubbies, meaning he had to be absorbed too. So, Po chased Rainbows around with a kitchen sponge. Rainbows then turns around, and kicks him. The Teletubbies fly out of him, and lock him up for three minutes.


This was considered to be one of the few shames that doesn't suck. Most shames suck, but this one was kind of fun. It got 7 out of 10 on Biased Ratings.

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