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"Aren't you tired today? Let's go to sleep already."

Full name: Morgana "Human" Cat
Gender: Male?
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Hair color: Tuxedo
Eye color: Blue
Age: Unknown
Species: Supposedly "Human."
Home: Yongen Jaya, Leblanc café.
Alive or Dead?: Alive
Likes: Palace treasures.
Dislikes: That one guy who beats up cats for fun.
Religion: Christianity
Known For: Telling you to go to sleep.
Powers: Turning into a bus.


Morgana is the cat that makes you sleep at 7 PM each night. Best known for being the only christian cat. He thinks you're 5 years old and get tired at this time. Not many people actually like Morgana except for the people who do sleep at 7 PM. Even then he's so annoying about it that I have my doubts that he's actually useful. He also thinks he's a human but can't ever seem to prove it, I wonder if he's just saying that because he's insecure about actually being a cat. He's the third member of the Phantom Thieves despite coming up with the name. (Although the name isn't that original.) He likes sushi.



Morgana, becoming a bishop

He just sort of appeared in one of the 7 Koopa Hotels, after that he had a large disagreement with Count Cannoli about who's the better gentleman thief. This quickly escalated to the "Thiefgate" being created. After morgana lost his mind he decided to rig Count Cannoli's newest robot to disable the "If you detect Count Cannoli, don't kill him" clause with help from Bill Gates. He staged it all as an accident on the machine's end. After that he got manipulated by Dimentio to carry out his evil plans to capture and obtain 1,000,000,000,000 trees to try and starve Justin Beaver to death. After his powers stopped he was so sad that he became a bishop to pay up to his sins.


He's annoying, but he's also christian so i guess those 2 things equal out.

Morgana, telling you to go the fuck sleep.


  • He tells you to go to sleep often.
  • Did I state he tells you to sleep often?
  • He's the pervyest cat in the world.
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