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" Chillin and grillin, yeya! "
  — Mordecai and Rigby
" You pissed ticked me off! "
  — Mordecai
" I'm player 1. "
  — Mordecai.
Yea, Dude
Gender: male
Hair color: blue
Eye color: black
Species: Blue Jay
Home: house
Likes: Rigby, being responsible, video games, Margaret, punchies
Dislikes: Rock paper scissors, Rigby's ideas, bad ideas, house rules
UnRank: 1,100

St. Mordecai is a blue jay. He is the best pal of Rigby, he is more responsible and more clever. He usually doesn't take Rigby's way round the bend because he does better stuff and won't lose his bodiless conscienceness. He has perversions over a bird called Margaret and does annoying farts towards Rigby during Halloween night and to Benson when he first worked with him in a gas station shop. He once gave dodgy candy to Benson and accepted it. It contained Cilit Bang and Benson turned into a gross blob.


He once worked in a gas station shop with Benson, he wasn't his boss but back then he really hated him due to his rude jokes, dodgy candy and annoying farts. He was fired for giving his boss a pizza with a flat Furby baked inside. After meeting Rigby, they started to get slacky and met Benson again as a park keeper so the two worked with him instead.

How he met Rigby

Mordecai met Rigby around the block in a cardboard box next to the ShameHobo. the ShameHobo taught him how to play video shames and when he met Mordecai, he got into his personality and became friends, the ShameHobo gave him the Nintendo UnEntertainment System and some shames. From then they decided to job hunt.


  • He is against of KFC since Colonel Sanders once got Margaret confused with a chicken.
  • Although he is against of KFC, he does eat at Wing Kingdom with Muscle Man occasionaly, although he is always pissed of from his annoying behaviour and bad manners.
  • Big Bird is his rival.
  • He says "OOOOOOOH!!!" a lot.
  • He hates Elsa a lot. LIKE OVER 9000 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • With Rigby, he can increase someone's power level.
  • He is also a simp.
  • He has been used as Twitter's logo and mascot during 2007-2008.