Not to be confused with Monsta

The Monstah (sometimes misspelled Monster) is a legendary beast. It lives in the depths of Loompaland and prays on the various creatures that are found here. The monstahs are considered some of the most dangerous creatures to ever exist.

The monstah is considered evil, dangerous, and very hungry. Monstahs are capable of running faster than Sonic, are stronger than Super Eviler Bowser, and fights on par with Marx (though the latter was using the bathroom at the time). The only person to have ever defeated one of these mighty beasts was Chuck Norris, during a hunting trip.

The monstah is described as one of the most hideous creatures ever. Its head is that of a lion, but its body is that of mud, goo, and gelatin all slapped into one thing. Its limbs are made of who-knows-what, and its tail is just a spike that appears to be super-glued to its rear-end.

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