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Cquote1.png BOW DOWN TO ME PUNY HUMAN! Cquote2.png
Monsta, invading earth

Monsta is a supa powad monsta that was created when Doug and Joey the Dog gave a possessed doll named Blue some Red Bull. Once Blue had become Monsta he flew off and disappeared for a century. After that century, Monsta awoke from his sleep and returned to Earth. He landed in Teletubby Land and sent out his Blue minions. Soon he had destroyed Teletubby Land (because Tinky Winky let him in thinking he was the milkman) and went to Manhattan. Once he got there he beheaded the statue of liberty as a symbol of war and attacked. All the racket woke up Godzilla who nicely asked him to quiet down while he sleeps. Of course Monsta refused and attacked Godzilla and they had a war against each other for 6 months. On the start of month 7 Monsta snapped Godzilla's neck and killed him. After his victory dance, Godzilla woke up and pried his jaws open and shot a RAINBOW CANNON into his mouth and blew Monsta to bits. In a pile of meat that was once Monsta's face Godzilla found an egg but he stepped on it.

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