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Monolophosaurus is a Middle Jurassic abomination that should be stopped at all costs! He's a US Trained Sniper, a Pusher of Standard Captains Off of Cliffs, but most importantly, he used to be a loner.

He's not alone anymore.
Full name: Monolophosaurus jiangi
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Hair color: None
Eye color: Yellow, with pitch-black pupils
Age: Millions of years old
UnBirthday: Middle Jurassic Period
Zodiac: Lythronax
Species: Tetanuran Theropod Dinosaur
Height: 6.4 ft
Weight: 1,000 lbs
Home: A normal house
Alive or Dead?: Alive
Death: Never. He will serve Lythronax even beyond the end of time.
AKA: The Loner, The US Trained Sniper, The Pusher of Standard Captains Off of Cliffs
Likes: To become fully Lythronax
Dislikes: Loss of companionship with the Cult of Lythronax
Education: Himself, and later the Cult of Lythronax
Occupation: Lythronax Cultist
Religion: Lythronism
Known For: Committing Various Crimes, Killing Stickmen and Standard Captains using numerous different methods, being a key cultist.
Powers: Massive inventing kills, little knowledge on how to fly a plane, can gain Ultra Instinct from saving house appliances from trees, knows Form 1 of a Lightsaber, and has basic knowledge of how to operate a sniper rifle.
How They Like Their Steak: Raw
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
UnRank: 563
Promotion: None


Monolophosaurus starts out as an insecure, overreacting dinosaur, who constantly commits crimes due to minor setbacks. He always takes the illegal route, for some reason. However, in between Seasons 1 and 2 of Monolophosaurus: The Loner, he joins the Cult of Lythronax, for no other reason then "Lythronax is a dinosaur, and I am a dinosaur." After that, he starting killing Stickmen for sport, and even killed a couple of Number Captains for the Cult of Lythronax. He was more of a serious individual, but almost redeemed himself with his quest to get the Triforce from the Power Rangers.

Dinosaurs are scarier than ever, but also kinda goofy.

Middle Jurassic Period, here he comes!


Monolophosaurus was born in the Middle Jurassic Period, but when he grew up, he found a boat and sailed it to Antarctica, as you do. He then was frozen by Penguin Scientists, then kept there up until 20XX, where he was unfrozen by the Penguin scientists. He got a new life, and then decided that taxes didn't matter. He then committed all 3 degrees of murder, hijacked an airplane, committed arson, robbed a bank, stealed the President's identity, committed GTA, and finally manslaughter.

After that, he joined the Cult of Lythronax, and ended up killing Stickmen, people, and Standard Captains alike with the Death Slapper, a pistol, a knife, a car, a grenade that he used on a Dilophosaurus, a pillow, Minecraft Chickens, a sniper rifle, his teeth, a shotgun, his tail, and most recently, his palms. He will kill again.

He also eats cupcakes, because he's a good boy.