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Moke Cows are evil demon creatures from the depths of Moke, a planet similar to Hell.

The last thing the person who took this photo saw before being killled


Moke Cows can stretch parts of their body or morph it into disgusting forms to terrify victims. Moke Cows are also mentioned many times in MarioCraft, MarioCraft 2 and freatured in MarioCraft 4. Not many people have survived Moke Cows, and even Chuck Norris fears them. Moke Cows are the only creatures that have killed more than 2 Lucky Cats, They have killed at least 1,546,823. The Moke Cows can kill people without blinking and only 3 Moke Cows have killed in everywere

Fortunately, they can be domesticated by playing Dubstep for 2 minutes and 15 seconds.


Moke Cows are able to spawn from the ground as black stringy tissue that soon forms into a formidable Moke Cow, they are also somewhat asexual, splitting into two smaller ones.


They produce Moke Milk which can turn people into Moke Cows if they drink it


Cows & cows & cows

A video of Moke Cows in action