Ghandi as a teen.

Mohandas Ghandi was the 7th ruler of the Spaghettian Empire. He ruled Spaghetti Land with an iron fist from 1532 - 1551, before he was killed off by Toka Ryuumonbuchi's army during the Spaghettian War, and the entire city, destroyed. His grave still lies among the ruins of Spaghetti Land


Unlike most rulers at the time, Ghandi was not a tyrant and respected his citizens, giving them rights. Similar to Leonidas, he would get very angry when someone attacked his country and it's citizens, even leading to a short fued with the persians in 1550.

Death at the hands of Toka Ryuumonbuchi

In 1552, Ghandi succumbed to a bad fever in the midst of the Spaghettian War. While he lay in bed in his tower while the battle raged on outside, his room was raided and he was supposedly shot to death, as proven by the bullet marks in his left arm. However, he didn't die without a fight, as he had supposedly scratched one of the assassins to death as proven by the scratch marks on the assassin's body. Ghandi was buried in a grave in the ruins of Spaghetti Land. His body still lies in the grave to this day.

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