Mohammed Akbar
Mohammed Akbar is the son of Abdul Akbar. He lives in Saudi Arabia and plays a crucial role at Arab Gamers. He is very protective of his father and will stop at nothing to ensure racial equality, as long as it is done peacefully.


Here is a list of websites he has been banned from:

  • PC Gamers

PC Gamers

Here is a slideshow of the PC Gamers incident.

  • Part 1: Mohammed defends his father's honor
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Part 5
  • Part 6
  • Part 7: A supporter of Muslim rights
  • Part 8: The supporter's support pays off
  • Part 9
  • Part 10
  • Part 11: The admins are now 100% proven racists

Adbul Akbar is now happy.

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