Lossah man

Look. He looks like Kooperton.

Mister Kooper2is Mister Kooperton`s clone, exept smarter. He looks the same as Mister Kooperton. He likes the Statue of Doom and his UnRank is OVAH 9000.

How was he born?: UnRank:Zero

Well, the awsomeness of Chuck Norris and the looserishness of Jun Inoue combined itself, and you got a awsome- loosah.

Beggining of Life: UnRank:1

Kooper2`s beggining of life wasn`t much awsome, as he did meet bad trainers and scary things in his life. However, he did scare them by just looking at them. His life became awsome when he was a star in the movie Ancient Geek`s Plan.

Life in the Movies: UnRank: 100

He became awsomer and awsomer by killing movie monsters by just looking at them. He didn`t shoot people, but when he did, he shot three shots. One day, Cheese did come and fart in the studio, but Kooper2 did stop them.

Saving the City: UnRank: 1000

One day,  Bowser City was attacked by Giant Enemy Crabs. But Kooper2 pawned them all. Later, Michael Warren was going to FIAH HIS LAZOR at the Statue of Doom. Kooper2 hurried, and did pwn Warren. But the fight wasn`t over yet. Warren did turn into Jackson. Michael Jackson. They did do an epic battle over the entire city, even in Loosah Avenue.Later did Michael Jackson turn into SUPAH Jackson. DUN! DUN! DUN! Hard battle starts. After a hard battle, the city was saved. DUN! DUN!

Today: UnRank: OVAH 9000

Today, Kooper2 lives a busy life, and must save a capitol city, like Washington C.D, or Big Super Happy Fun Fun Evil China Land in time.

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