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Missingno is some sort of glitch and was thrown out of some idiots Pokemon shame and landed in the real world. He has started flying around glitching the Unworld ever since. He is NEDMgee's minion. His 3246793244296734262346243967980985609865789054 children are still obtainable in other people's Pokemon games. Not a lot of people know how to get him, but if you get him, some magic happens and if you have a bag, a ####425 amount of stuff starts coming out of it, so your entire house should be filled with stuff. He is the all-powerful ruler of the deadly Glitch Dimension. Missingno can also glitchify people, so RUN!!!

How to obtain Missingno in a Pokemon Shame

  1. Smack an old guy to death 'til he tells you how to catch Pokemon
  2. Take hours walking to Cinnabar Island
  3. Walk along the coast like Jesus Christ
  4. Missingno should now glitchify your game, now CANNOT OBTAIN HIM... unless you're an Undefeatable
  5. If you're an Undefeatable, toss a Pokeball at the thing
  6. That is it. TA DA!

Victims of Missingno