A high voltage episode

Minor Adjustments is the 78th episode of Teletubbies, in it, after Dipsy dies, Tinky Winky has to do some, "minor" adjustments to the Tubby Tower's electricity.


It's that day of the year, Dipsy has to adjust the electricity in the Tubby Tower, but Po blew him to smithereens with a grenade just as he was getting ready, and nobody can do it now! However, the Teletubbies have dealt with this before, and have an ancient ordeal passed down from generation, to generation, to generation, and of course, its POSHAMBO! (Rock, Paper, Scissors with a different name) The end result is a tie between Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa. They just roll some dice and Tinky Winky wins.

Tinky Winky goes to the Tubby Tower circuit box, and adjusts the wires so that it can work, Po flees the building in fear that something's going to be wrong, she was right, he mixed up the wires' color, and put red with green and purple with yellow, when he turns on the lights, the whole Tubby Tower explodes. Dipsy then respawns, but before he can ask anything Po kills him with another grenade.


This episode taught kids to put forks in outlets, somehow, and therefore parents hate this episode, and for good reason.

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