The robot standard model. Kinda looks like the N.S.M.R.C.U.D.S.K.M.C.M.D.P.U.S.D.D.E.N.M.V.9001.D.T.S.E.H. if you squint.

The Mini Tubby Fighter Mech is one of the various weapons in the military of the dreaded Teletubby Army. It was made when the Teletubbies felt like they might've lose The Infinite War of Teletubbies unless they go completely overkill with their weaponry. The Teletubby fiends wrote up various ideas on a whiteboard. It was eventually decided on Dipsy's plot of little robot fighting suits similar to Porky Pods. The prototype was built later that day, but it ended up falling apart a minute after testing. The finalized version was created two months later.

The MTFM has a spherical body, colored red, with a gorilla glass door to seal it's user (typically a Teletubby Clone or Robot). The left arm is green and is a fist, it can punch stuff. The purple arm is actually a cannon that fires various rounds. It is supported by a yellow metal piece thingy, connected to blue tank threads. the metal is bullet proof but could collapse under certain bombs. The mech itself is controlled by a virtual reality shame that simulates the robot and all of it's various movements.



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