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Miley Cyrus before and after getting stoned.

Miley Ray Cyrus 
is a singer that started as a child actress from Disney. She transformed into a hideous abomination that attracts innocent men into her butt of death.



Einstein's Two Siblings theory that states that Cyrus had a secret sister and that is Bieber.

Cyrus was a child actress of Disney until the Illuminati corrupted her mind and turned her into a hideous abomination that attracts innocent men into her butt of death. Albert Einstein theorized that she had a secret sister. And that secret sister is Justin Bieber. To prove this, he cut off the other half of Miley Cyrus's portrait and replaced it with Bieber's other half portrait. The result shocked billions of people, including a couple people on the UnAnything Team.

During an interview, Cyrus said that she never had a sibling because she'll kill it with her ass anyway. Scientists tried to take a DNA sample of Cyrus and Bieber. When they compared it, they both had the same DNA structure so it could only mean one thing, Einstein's theory was confirmed. They are two siblings that got separated from each other when they were still young. Bieber said that she remembers something about a goblin taking care of her and another baby when she was still young. The other one must be Cyrus, the reason why they got separated from each other is still unknown. After that, Bieber hugged Cyrus and Cyrus cried. Cyrus then DIEd for about 5 seconds. 

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