Mikoid: The Animation is a Japanese Anime featuring the NOID-POP star Mikoid singing, dancing, and promoting Domino's and their Pizza. It was a joint-effort between Domino's and WarioWare, Inc. to capitalize on the success of Mikoid. Issues during production lead to The History Channel having to assist in 3D effects. The series premiered on October, 4th 2011 with 30 minutes or free! and ended on The disappearance of Mikoid on March 10th of 2012 with positive reviews. The show's main subject is Mikoid doing good for the people in Japan, making living better in various ways using Domino's food products.

The show first aired on the History Channel for unknown reasons.[1] Later in November of 2014, the TV network Channel DDD was given a licence from Wario to air it for an undisclosed amount of money.[2] Mikoid: The Animation up until that point regularly had reruns on the History Channel before their exclusivity contract had expired.

Plot Summaries per Episode

30 Minutes or Free!

The series begins with Mikoid waking up, taking a shower, then getting a call from Domino's in where she has to deliver a pizza. Mr. Green tags along and many wild things happen on the team's journey. As you might be able to guess, you can't really "Avoid The Noid" if you're a Noid. It's like outpizzaing the hut, just not really possible. That quirk in logic is what causes the tension in the episode, as the duo tries to avoid themselves but still get the pizza delivered before those 30 minutes, with a final time of a score and 7 minutes.[3]

Singing At Noids' Hideout

The episode isn't really an episode, more of a music video for Stairway to Pizza that takes place at Noid's Hideout. You also get the songs Welcome to Eating at Domino's, and lastly Eat your pizza out in this episode.

Out-Pizzaing the Hut

Mikoid, depressed one day sitting at the table wonders if it's possible to out-pizza the hut. That's a brave Idea.[4] She then goes through with it by trying to make the best pizza possible, resulting in colossal failure because she doesn't know how to make pizzas. However with help from legendary cook Gordon Freeman she still wasn't able to make a pizza. Remembering the Noid species' purpose in life to ruin pizzas (except Domino's pizzas.) Mikoid was able to sabotage a lot of Pizza Hut pizzas to the point that the hut was out-pizza'd by Domino's simply due to the fact Domino's pizzas still looked like pizzas.

Out-Pizzaing the Hutt

Domino's in the span of the last 20 years, the pizza chain had apparently accumulated a huge debt to Pizza The Hutt and now have to pay in a week. Domino's had to restructure leading to many lay-offs, cut salaries, and Mikoid performing inside Ganon's Pub to try and make money and to save Domino's. While she was performing on stage she overheard the manager Morshu in the back talking about further negotiations with Mr. Green. Later Pizza The Hutt would show up again. Mikoid thinking he was very suspicious took off the mask. TO BE CONTINUED!

Showdown with Mr. Green

Under the mask was Mr. Green! That traitor! Mikoid and Mr. Green then fight for 20 minutes and Mikoid wins.

The Disappearance of Mikoid

This episode is about Risette overtaking Mikoid in popularity leading to alcoholism and severe depression. After months of Risette topping the charts Mikoid begins to accept she won't be popular forever and that everything is temporary. The episode serves to teach young fans about Memento Mori and that the series is ending.


Wario Ratings gave it a SVG for Scalable Vector Graphics Super Very Good.


  • In the DVD release's version, the shower scene in Episode 1: 30 Minutes or Free! includes nudity, but only if you type in the secret code "NOID" on the episode select. The same episode was also going to be 32 minutes but was cut due to it being too long. The long cut is on the DVD in all of it's uninterrupted glory.


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