Cquote1 You know, I am so romantic, I should marry myself Cquote2
Mike Wazowski before he dates (Then marries) Celia
Mike Wazowski

Michael Wazowski

Gender: Male
Hair color: Bald
Eye color: Only one eye, Green
Species: Cyclops
Home: Monsters Incorporated, Monstropolis (formerly)

LOL Central, Scaradise (current residence)

AKA: Mike Wasuski (When people mispronounce his name), Michael Wazowski (Full name)
Likes: Having s** with his girlfriend Celia, Scaring the s*** out of people
Education: Monsters "University"
Occupation: Scaring people

Mike Wazowski (Also often mispronounced as "Mike Wasuski" sometimes) is a cyclops. He is butt-buddies with a behemoth named Sulley. He also has a girlfriend named Celia, who acts like a sl** and wants to suck his d*** (She cheated on him during 2013).

Mike Wazoski and Sulley were enemies with a lizard-chameleon-like thing named Randall Boggs.

During 2013, he and Sulley were evil for a while (And Randall Boggs was a good guy during that time) got their a**es owned by Vagineer, whom said c*** Mike couldn't understand.

During 2014, he and Sulley became heroes again (And Celia decided to reunite with Mike) and Randall became his evil self again, but got their a**es owned by Mao Zedong this time.

Like 4chan Sniper, Mike enjoys reading 4chan.

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