Microsoft vista-logo1

Vista, the co-creator and mascot of Microsoft

Microsoft is a large company, and one of the rulers of the world. It is a company that deals with boring computer stuff, but it also makes shame systems!

Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Vista in the year 1975. They originally stared with making computers (just the idea makes me sick). After they discovered people were into shames, they started making shames. Then people liked them.

Due to an agreement between Bill Gates and Vista, Bill would take all of the credit, and Vista would get his face in there somewhere. So, when Bill made windows, Vista became the mascot. Microsoft Sam is the other mascot, but it's only his voice, so he doesn't get much credit. Clippy is there too, but we like to pretend he isn't.

They are most well known for their tendency to rip people off and steal their money. That is why they are rivals with Apple. Like Apple, Microsoft is very greedy and makes lotsa lame gadgets and stuff to steal your money.

They're also rivals with Sony when it comes to gaming.

Shaming Systems

Only three systems. Nobody knows how these people have any money.

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