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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was a very evil TV series created by Disney and WaMickey to become popular since they're about to get bankrupcty for making a very scary cartoon.


Mickey's look on the show.

It features Mickey (as you can in the right), Donald, Minnie, Goofy, etc.


It all started in 2004, Disney's about to get bankrupcty, as a result for making a cartoon known as Beadon (they lost $50.00). Disney gets angry for that, and decided to scare children even more! So they put Mickey Mouse in the Wamachine. They then created an evil short and originally called it "Mickey's Horror Adventures". But Disney knows the name is going to be scary for kids, so they renamed it to "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse", they aired it on Playhouse Disney to trick preschoolers into this pilot being kid-friendly.

The Episodes

YTP - Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse Catastrophe (MMC Collab)

YTP - Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse Catastrophe (MMC Collab)

Look kids! It's the fifth episode, "Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse Catastrophe"!

Season 0

  1. Pilot

Season 1

  1. The Bicycle Killing Rampage!
  2. Shhhh Goofy
  3. The Gun Fun
  4. Donald Trump vs. Donald Duck
  5. Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse Catastrophe
  6. Donald Trump's Revenge
  7. Rick And Morty Make A Visit
    Mickey's Admirer - Robot Chicken - Adult Swim

    Mickey's Admirer - Robot Chicken - Adult Swim

    Hey kids, want more? Here comes "Mickey's Admirer", the fourteeth episode!

  9. The Mouse Dies
  10. Evil Pluto Evil Plan
  11. The Clay Mouse
  12. Bad Donald Duck Very Bad Donald Duck Go Sit In The Corner And Think Of What You've Done
  13. Unmasked
  14. Mickey's Admirer

Season 2

  1. New Stupid Season
  2. Memes
  3. Who Let The Pete Out?
  4. Armageddon Blast Attack


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