Michele Obama's Big Evil Plan is an evil program thought of and created by Barack Obama's evil wife, Michele Obama.


Michele Obama's Big Evil Plan started when Michele Obama saw that many people, including children, were fat. She then started a program that forces people to become fit because, as we all know, the public is too stupid to think for themselves. This program includes, but is not limited to, forcing people to do back breaking physical labor (know as exercise), the shutting down of "unhealthy" food companies (resulting in the death of Hostess and Twinkies), and forcing people to eat crappy food that is deamed "healthy" by Michele Obama.

The Rebellion

Once Michele Obama's Big Evil Plan was put into effect, a large group of people assembled to rebel against this evil plan. These people were either all killed or brainwashed by Michele Obama. Anyone who had any connections (or even memories) of the rebellion had their memories whiped by secret agents working for Michele Obama. Only a few rebels remain today, but they are very secretive and only live in a underground secret headquarters. Nobody knows the location of the base.

The End

The program will end in 2017 when Obama is replaced. Nobody knows who will replace him, but the most popular candidates are:

  • Bernie Sanders - Captain 0 approved. Almost everybody likes him. Only people who hate him are Black Lives Matter activists.
  • Hillary Clinton - A woman. Wants to be president because she's a woman.
  • Ben Carson - A black guy. Wants to be president because he's a black guy.
  • Donald Trump number one - A Neo-Nazi and multi-millionaire who wanted to kill all Jews and wanted the USA to join the Bowser Empire.
  • Donald Trump number two - Random normal guy. Won the election against Hillary and the other Donald Trump.
  • Deez Nuts - Has a funny name. Wants to be president because he has a funny name.
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