Mexico is a country in Mexico. It is also a country in North America and the homeland of great delicacies such as Nachos. Mexico is where people go when they want to eat these nachos. They also go here to wear funny sombreros and to use maracas.


Mexico was once a land full of Native Americans and wild turkeys. Then the Native Americans killed all of the turkeys. Christopher Columbus heard the turkeys crying out, so he ventured off to Mexico and killed all of the Native Americans. Then a bunch of Spanish knights arrived and decided Mexico was property of Spain.

Many years later, the Darfaroobious Tribe emerged. The Darfaroobious Tribe consisted of the great great great great grandchildren of the Smallolafious Tribe that had been slaughtered before. The Darfaroobious Tribe killed all of the Spanish people and decided Mexico was its own independent country. Then they attacked Texas. The UnAmericans fought them, so they stopped attacking Texas.

Eventually the Darfaroobious Tribe all had kids. The kids thought the word "Darfaroobious" was dumb, so they called themselves "Mexicans". And that, my friend, is how Mexico became a country.

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