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It's Existential Crisis time!

Gender: Varies
Hair color: N/A
Eye color: Purple
Species: Pokémon
Death: N/A
Dislikes: UNKNOWN
Education: IQ of ???*glitch*
Occupation: Protecting the world from evil
Known For: Being awesome
UnRank: 2,958,395,839

Cquote1.png Life itself is irrelevant, but what you do with it is what matters most. Cquote2.png
Mewtwo, proving his smart-ness.

Mewtwo Miers was a mutant cat created by scientist (the same people who support abortion) who later became the most powerful Pokemon to date. Mewtwo also suffers from autism, making him extremely smart and unpredictable as well as forever alone (single for the rest of his life).


Mewtwo in his early years

According to a book, Mewtwo was "born" on Feburary 24th 1999. Mewtwo also suffers from sex, generically being a male, his private part was cut off from him. His mother and father are currently unknown, but it is known that his original cells were from a pregnant Mew.  Mewtwo is also noted to be a backwards being, rather reading than going outside to play, wanting to learn than play football, etc.

Such legs. So hot. Wow. 2010

Mewtwo is also friends with many stupid misfits that no one remembers, and he (along with them) goes on some little adventures. Mewtwo also battles Silver as well as other dudes like "ass ketchup" by using his awesome power for him to fall off a building and survive. He also is best friends with Tinky-Winkytwo (Whoever THAT is).

In 2002, Mewtwo was the leader of the Clone Army and led his clone army into army stuff and won the war. According to history that no one gives a crap about, Mewtwo once battled Darth Vader, Bowser, and Megatron, but then Mewtwo got Blasted Off™ and hasn't been seen since. There are rumors he came back in 2019, though...


  • Mewtwo can not grab stuff with his hands, instead relying on his psychic powers to do basic tasks such as eating, playing, and wiping.
  • Mewtwo can not talk because his creator forgot to give him a mouth. Instead he becomes yet another voice in your head.
  • Mewtwo is 9001 times better than you.
  • He lives in Dirt Land
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