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Meta E. Knight
Meta Knight KRTDL.png

Meta Knight, wielding his sword, Sacred Sword

Gender: Male
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Yellow
Species: Puffball
Home: Battleship Halberd
Death: Defeated by Sword Kirby
AKA: None-Guy
Likes: To rule the world
Dislikes: His mask destroyed
Education: Genius
Occupation: Swordsmen
Known For: strongest man
UnRank: 54321

Cquote1.png Fight me! Cquote2.png
—'Meta Knight wanting a fight.'''Meta Knight is a warrior of legendary power who "fights for destiny". He runs around, and kills powerful bad guys, because he is awesome like that. He can slay even the most dangerous villains.


Meta Knight was born on Mars. He was recruited in the Martian army at the age of three. They trained him for twenty years, and he became one of the best agents they had.

During the Nonsense War, the Meta Knight was flown to Earth to kill people with his legendary fighting skills. He crashed into Earth, and started killing. His General told him to "STAND DOWN SOLDIER!" So, the Meta Knight turned his sword on the general.

The Meta Knight was dishonorably removed from the Martian military, and he was told never to return to Mars, or they would blow him up. He chose to live the weird Earth planet after that. He now plays cards with Chuck Norris, and has almost won once.

He was killed by Kirby. The End.

But then he was revived by Googolplex (Who didn't mind Meta Knight wearing his mask at all times), and he told him: "Want to get revenge on both King Dedede and Kirby? Join me and my empire, and you'll be safe and sound!" Meta Knight agreed, and joined the Satanist Empire.

Eventually, he saw a large figure wearing a golden gauntlet, and it was none other than Thanos. He told him: "Want me to help you get your fleet back? Join me and my organization, and you can have anything you'll ever desire!" Meta Knight once again agreed, and joined the Ultimate Platinum Overlord Invasion Organization, thus becoming the seventh member chronologically.

Meta Knight is the sixteenth member to join the Quintessential Elemental Emperor Invasion Organization in general chronologically and is the fourth member in the Earth Group.


The Meta Knight was born without a personality. Nobody knows why. He was trained how to laugh, cry, and hate during his combat training.

It is not quite known why he wears his mask. Maybe it is just to make himself look more awesome, or he's just really shy about showing his face.

Powers and Abilities

The Meta Knight is one of the greatest warriors Mars has ever created. He has strength even stronger than yours, at least, and he can wield a sword with enough skill to slice a fly out of the air.

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