This is a Mermaid. This one is trapped in a pool.

Mermaids (AKA Sirens; AKA Homo-Piscis Canticum) is a Species of Fish who have terrible Voices and like to eat Humans. They are known for their Terrible Voices, And for making the bulge in your Pingas.


Mermaids are usually Semi-Social Creatures who Swim in Lakes, Oceans, and Seas. They usually Swim around 0m Underwater to 1Km Underwater. They generally Rest, Sleep, and Watch on rocks.

Mermaids can also sing terribly, but it's far better than Justin Beaver. If one can sing to their song without Cringing so hard their Head Asplodes, It would usually be about something they love, How their day went, or a song about them. One sighting of a Mermaid singing was when 9 Mermaids were singing about an Unknown Man, which then eventually lead to a Disgusting Ritual that is way too inappropriate for Me to say.

Another Trait Mermaids have is that they have sharp teeth that can munch on Humans. Thank these Sexy fish for reeling in Humans and keeping the Stupid Animal's Population in check.

Apparently, Mermaids can control water to ether Destroy stuff for food, Beat up helpless Baby Sharks, or just make Magic Tricks happen. Mermaids also can turn into humans by Will, usually to ether Walk on land properly, or to disguise themselves in order to kill more Humans. You can tell between a Mermaid and a Human by their Standing Position, bad singing, Speed, Gills on their Necks, and Eyes.


Mermaids have a Human Head, Torso, Ears, and Arms. However, their Bottom Parts are actually their tails. A Skeletal System of Mermaids show that they have a Pelvis, but no Cockyx, being replaced by the Fish tail. A Mermaid's Hair Color can be any color in the Rainbow, same with their tails. A Mermaid's Average height is 7 Feet.

In Human form, they look just like one. But Seeing them through a Skeletal System shows that only one of the Legs have actual bones inside them. Mermaids have Great Smell and Eyes, as well as Night Vision. As Mentioned before, Mermaids have Sharp Teeth. Said teeth are twice as sharp as a Dog's. Mermaids also have both Gills on their necks and Lungs.

Other Stuff

Homer Simpson wrote about them in Super Mario Odyssey or something.

Actually, people Rumor on how Magic Mermaids are, but this is all actually a Fad. They only have enough Magic in order to turn into 'Humans' and back.

Notable Meramids

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