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Menasor, in one of his configurations, holding his sword of doom!

Gender: Male
Hair color: Black helmet and horn
Eye color: Red
Species: Combiner Robot
Home: Cybertron
Likes: Destroying the Autobots
Dislikes: Superion
Occupation: Super Warrior
UnRank: 454,000

Menasor was the second Decepticon combiner created after Devastator. He was created by Vagineer for Googolplex as the Decepticons' answer to Superion. Unlike Superion, who is made up of jets, Menasor is made up of land vehicles. In this case, the Stunticons, who transform into a truck and four cars.

He is very unstable and prone to violent tantrums, meaning you wouldn't want to get him angry. If you do, RUN LIKE HELL!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! He is, however, sometimes friends with Devastator and Bruticus Maximus. He does show great care for his master Vagineer, and has saved him countless times. He does sometimes get along with Predaking and Abominus, but not with Superion or Defensor Maximus.


  • Motormaster (The leader, a Black Kenworth Semi-truck who forms the torso).
  • Drag-Strip (A Yellow Tyrell P-34 Racecar who forms the right arm).
  • Dead End (A Maroon Porsche 928 who normally forms the left arm).
  • Breakdown (A White Lamborghini Countach who forms the right leg).
  • Wildrider (A Silver Ferrari 308 GTB sports car who normally forms the left leg).
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