Meme Island

The Meme Island

Meme Island is an island that used to be part of the Sonic Islands. It is currently the home of most Internet Memes. It was first created in 2005 after the stupid memes attacked the Sonic Islands, even though Po specifically ordered them to attack Pac-Land. After the attack, the memes became good and they lived on the island they attacked. Sonic tried to stop them but FAILED. It is currently at war with MLG Island, which is not to be spoken of except for its name.

Meme Island is a very peculiar place. It is the only place on earth where Jesus, Pedo Bear, Philosoraptor, and Troll can all live in harmony. They call their capital "Sim City 5," and it must always be connected to the Internet via EA servers. Sometimes it takes memes hours to try to get into the city, only to be told to try again because the city and its servers are full. Sim City 5 is the center of everything, culture, shopping, and entertainment. It is home to some of the finest arts in the world, such as imported Korean dances, Pokebras (a fine article of clothing worn by the fanciest people), and Rickroll (often regarded as a classical composition next to the Trololol song.) Don't go out after dark, you may encounter an army of Fakegees.

The Reddit headquarters are situated on Meme Island. The Bluit headquarters were situated here until Nyan Cat crashed into the building after going too fast.

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